Sunday, July 3, 2016

My two taals in Dafli

I have already demonstrated singing with dafli abilities. I began with a Kalyanji Anandji song for reasons best known to most of us. The second video was Rajesh Roshan songs. Because he is a genius.
Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma who creates confusions, created one more confusion by saying taal matras in Hindustani is different than taal matras elsewhere. Numberings to be precise.
My view is represented in the picture below.
I beg to differ. But I do not refuse to take order.


  1. Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma is excellent in playing between sthahi and antara.
    So many songs of RDB had santoor. Jaane kaise kab kahan, Mera kuch saaman, Jab chaha yaara tumne etc.
    But it is jab chaha yaara tumne in which you had santoor and then flute. Possibly Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma and Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia.
    Well listening to song is one thing. Listening to music is quite a different thing then.
    To me it is Tony Vaz all the way.

  2. It was not intentional to leave Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma in the caricature of RDB musicians.
    He was just isolated by my error.
    He is a master musician.

  3. Santoor is there even in Ek roz main tadapkar, Raah pe rehte hain and Dil lena khel hai dildaar ka. Possibly, Shiv Kumar Sharma.

  4. The s D Burman song "wahan kaun-hai-tera" from Guide had flute support possibly from Hari-Prasad-Chaurasia.

  5. Kersi-Lord in an interview said that sound engineer with S D Burman were genius.

  6. If you want to listen to Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia and Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma playing in Hindi film songs, listen to songs from Chandni.
    Shiv-Hari is the music director (They themselves).
    Listen carefully to songs Mitwa, Lagi Aaj Saawan, Chandni o meri chandni songs. They have excellent use of flute and santoor in the background.

  7. In the songs of Chandni, though the sthahi was same; Antaras were different. In tune. Melodies.
    Mitwa_ had sthahi repeated 4 times. Each time we had same melody. Tere_mere_honton_pe.
    But antaras had different melodies.

  8. Some people say sthahi. Some people mukda. Antara is same in both the cases.
    In Tamil they say pallavi and charanam.

  9. In Delhi, they say sthahi. Uma Shankar Sharma, my hawaii guitar guru would say "asthahi". Just like "ischool". Pronounciation.
    I learned Spanish Guitar from a Sikh teacher. He also used the word sthahi.

  10. I wish I had composed:-
    "Jab chaha yaara tumne"
    "Ik haseena thi"

  11. When I think of bollywood the song that comes to my mind immediately is . . .

    Desi Girl from Dostana. Music is by Vishal Dadlani

  12. My favourite Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin song is . . .
    Humko to yaara teri yaari. It is so superb.

  13. Two of my favorite new songs are:-
    1. Dekha Hazaro Dafaa Arijit Singh, Palak Muchhal
    2. Bas Ek Baar Arijit Singh

    I know what the non-Hindi people will say. Average song.
    The answer is Arijit Singh. He is comparable to . . . . . .

    Kishore Kumar.
    Yes, I feel so.

  14. To be Frank, I never liked SDBurman.
    RDBurman was better after 1980 when he married Ashaji.

  15. I was not wrong in comparing Arijit Singh with the great Kishore Kumar.
    Kishore Kumar sang about 3000 songs.
    Arijit Singh more than 200 songs.
    But consider the pace of the world today. The ability to influence.And the ability to maintain the position.

  16. He is in the same league as Mohit Chauhan, KK, Benny Dayal and Ankit Tiwari (oops !!).

  17. I thought the male voice in the song "Desi Girl"was given by Benny Dayal. But it is Shankar Mahadevan, the music director being Vishal-Da.

  18. Vishal-Dadlani. They were in a band in western India, when handpicked by bollywood. Mohit Chauhan is also from a band. Arijit Singh from a TV show.

  19. If you ask me who is the most talented in bollywood music, I will say Mithoon. Because I like music directors. And I do not take risks.