Monday, January 7, 2019

Mathematics in music

I wrote on June 2013 the importance of
1 + t
1 + t^2
1 + t^3
in sa re ga ma pa dha ni
So Samudragupta dynasty and South Indians did have an intuition of x, x^2,x^3 . . .
But sin x, cos x, tan x and complex i?
Colin Maclaurin, Euler did a lot in trigonometry series and complex numbers. So did Gauss.
Madhava of Sangamagrama did pi by 4. And tan series. Wikipedia states he did sine and cosine too.
I have done pi, rational series. I have done Euler Mascheroni constant to 3 places. ( I believe Euler Mascheroni constant is a measure of genius power). I have also equated rational numbers series and real numbers series.
My point is x, x^2,x^3 . . . were intuitively known to Indians. My respect for Colin Maclaurin and Euler is high and I learnt e series and trigonometry series.

Friday, June 8, 2018

At Your Own Risk !!

At your own risk, please !!
I have mapped what I believe to be raag based filmy songs. On the y-axis is t into f. time into frequency. An extremely small quantity. The time for which a frequency is played. Remember the time is important and also the frequency. Both.
The above is how I imagine the songs and try to identify the raags. As I had written earlier, I know Tamil film music, Hindi film music, carnatic music (a little) and hindustani music (a little). Now, here I have used western concepts. That is how I think. I do not wish to anger people reading my blogs. But I wish to say one thing.
And that is, analyzing a song is less sinful than indulging in the beauty of the song.
Description texts
Raag Bhairavi - Jumping from one side of a puddle of water to the other side by stepping on a stone in the puddle and coming back.
Raag Pahadi - Mountains of tempo formed.
Raag Yaman - Deliberately seem to miss the middle.
Raag Kirwani - The desire to reach double as quickly as possible.
References and other sites.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Some Ignored Music Directors

Many music directors have been made by bollywood. Fortunes of unprecedented proportions. Pyarelal for instance got 100 times money than he had ever imagined. Shankar Jaikishan are still looked at with jealousy.  R D Burman got popularity more than even heroines and beautiful women.
There are however music talents that have been ignored by producers and big banners.
Jaidev, Sapan Jagmohan, Rajkamal, Ajit Verman, Vanraj Bhatia are some of them.
People gossip that Lata Mangeshkar suppressed talent. Though voice modulation, suitability to heroines are there still suppression happens, people say.
S D Burman possibly gave chance to hemant kumar, bappi lahiri, salil chowdhury and others. I feel so.
Your opinions. . . . .

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

My Journey as a Composer

I wanted to be a music director since very young. I wanted to compose Ad jingles. My favorite ad jingles are "Nerolac","Nescafe","Breeze".
Currently, I want to grade music directors on the basis of melody making capacity. My grades are:-
1. Pyarelal
2. SDBurman
3. Shankar, Laxmikant
I have excluded south Indian music directors.
Do I fall in this gold, silver and bronze categories? No.
I feel it took 8 years for Laxmikant to become a prolific composer. It is just a hint. I am not sure about it.
I took about 12 years to become a decent composer.
When does an aspiring music director become a real composer? The answer is Calendar song by Boney-M. Yes, when words are made to music.