Monday, January 23, 2017

Some Ignored Music Directors

Many music directors have been made by bollywood. Fortunes of unprecedented proportions. Pyarelal for instance got 100 times money than he had ever imagined. Shankar Jaikishan are still looked at with jealousy.  R D Burman got popularity more than even heroines and beautiful women.
There are however music talents that have been ignored by producers and big banners.
Jaidev, Sapan Jagmohan, Rajkamal, Ajit Verman, Vanraj Bhatia are some of them.
People gossip that Lata Mangeshkar suppressed talent. Though voice modulation, suitability to heroines are there still suppression happens, people say.
S D Burman possibly gave chance to hemant kumar, bappi lahiri, salil chowdhury and others. I feel so.
Your opinions. . . . .