Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Musicians with R D Burman


  1. God is great !!
    I painstakingly worked hard in collecting names and matching it with faces. Then I had to draw caricatures. You know what!! I can now earn a lot. Ha !! Ha !!
    Nitin Shankar is a genius. He is damn good in rhythms.
    Tony Vaz too is a genius. Because he knows what strings to pluck, how and when.
    The others are amazingly high performers. Top class performers here. I just cannot stop myself looking at their videos again and again.

  2. Some of the R D Burman's popular songs were :-
    1) Aaja Aaja main hoon pyaar tera
    2) Suno Kaho Kaha Suna
    3) Yeh ladka hai allah kaisa hai deewana
    4) Mehbooba mehbooba

  3. My most loved music director is Ilayaraja.
    My most respected music director is Pyarelal.
    My most admired music director is R D Burman.
    My most regarded music director is Ravindra Jain.