Wednesday, September 14, 2016

My Journey as a Composer

I wanted to be a music director since very young. I wanted to compose Ad jingles. My favorite ad jingles are "Nerolac","Nescafe","Breeze".
Currently, I want to grade music directors on the basis of melody making capacity. My grades are:-
1. Pyarelal
2. SDBurman
3. Shankar, Laxmikant
I have excluded south Indian music directors.
Do I fall in this gold, silver and bronze categories? No.
I feel it took 8 years for Laxmikant to become a prolific composer. It is just a hint. I am not sure about it.
I took about 12 years to become a decent composer.
When does an aspiring music director become a real composer? The answer is Calendar song by Boney-M. Yes, when words are made to music.


  1. I do not want to divide Laxmikant-Pyarelal.
    But people did SAY Shankar composed Raj Kapoor songs and Jaikishan Shammi Kapoor songs.
    Bollywood is mired in mysteries. Even Yash Chopra could not find a distributor for Trishul. I feel Khayyam is responsible for it. Only 30% correct.

  2. SDBurman would say only a small bindi looks beautiful. Not a big bindi. A song should have only sufficient background score.
    I thought he was referring to Shankar-Jaikishan.
    About the bindi, I put a square encompassing it. And another bigger bindi encompassing the square. No more.

  3. I feel Laxmikant-Pyarelal had a great role in building Indian music culture.
    Shankar is an extremely proud man, it seemed. From his interview.

  4. Some music directors compose melodies and give to lyricists. Lyricists will go to hotels and spend 2-3 days and fit lyrics to music.
    Laxmikant sits with Anand Bakshi and two rhythmists and completes the song in his room itself. Probably it is the residence of Laxmikant.

  5. I believe that I am inspired by Guru Nanak.

  6. Some techniques in music composition are:-
    1. Question answer for songs.
    2. Keep it puzzling for ad jingles.
    My pahadi is worse than Ravindra jain's "Husn pahadon ka".The best is Shiv-Hari.

  7. When it comes to Bhairavi, Laxmikant-Pyarelal is the name.

  8. Pyarelal would not get his melody right sometimes. He would be sitting and wondering. At that point of time, Hari Prasad Chaurasia would pass by and Pyarelal would get his melody right !!

  9. O P Nayyar was a talented music director. He was extremely popular too.
    He never chose Lata Mangeshkar because he felt it did not suit his music.

  10. The famous Nagin melody was played by Kalyanji himself.

  11. I consider tunes to be of two types:-
    1. Base tunes. A roti, kapada aur makan type songs.
    2. Inspirational tunes. Speciality songs.

  12. These days it is more or less like singing with Stanley and Sivamani.

  13. Anand-Milind are great because of songs like "Main to raste pe ja raha tha","Iska dil na thodo".

  14. Jatin-Lalit were able to create a cult of followers which to me is unprecedented and incomparable.

  15. Mithoon is the modern name of 21st century and he is one name to reckon with. Dare him or stay cool.

  16. My favorite Punjabi songs are:-
    1) Kangna Tera Ni
    2) Jine mere yaar suteya
    3) Challa
    4) 12 saal
    5) All Black

  17. I am now getting a little mad with two songs. Both of them "Bulleya". One from Sultan sung by Papon. One from Ae dil hai mushkil sung by Amit Mishra and Shilpa Rao(of Pa fame).
    I was curious to know the meaning of "Bulleya". Here is the meaning. Thanks to

    Bulle Shah was a Punjabi philosopher and poet, who is considered a humanist, giving solutions to socialogical problems of the world around him. His poetry has been put to music by well known musicians like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Abida Parveen, Wadali Brothers and Sain Zahoor.

    Dama Dum Mast Qalandar and Mera Piya Ghar Aaya are two of the best known poems by Bulle Shah, and his verses have been adapted in Bollywood songs as well.

    Rabbi Shergill's song Bulla ki Jaana was one of the most popular songs that used Bulleh Shah's name in the recent years. Since then, his name has been used in quite a few Bollywood songs as well, two of them called 'Bulleya,' one from the film Sultan and another from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

    Bulleya is nothing but a way to call Bulleh Shah.

  18. Listen to songs in carnatic by Maharajapuram Santhanam. You need not listen to the whole song. Like Talat Mehmood he is the voice of many.
    If "Phir Wohi Shaam" is a Muslim Abbu then "Sri Maha Ganapathe" is Tamil appa.