Friday, June 8, 2018

At Your Own Risk !!

At your own risk, please !!
I have mapped what I believe to be raag based filmy songs. On the y-axis is t into f. time into frequency. An extremely small quantity. The time for which a frequency is played. Remember the time is important and also the frequency. Both.
The above is how I imagine the songs and try to identify the raags. As I had written earlier, I know Tamil film music, Hindi film music, carnatic music (a little) and hindustani music (a little). Now, here I have used western concepts. That is how I think. I do not wish to anger people reading my blogs. But I wish to say one thing.
And that is, analyzing a song is less sinful than indulging in the beauty of the song.
Description texts
Raag Bhairavi - Jumping from one side of a puddle of water to the other side by stepping on a stone in the puddle and coming back.
Raag Pahadi - Mountains of tempo formed.
Raag Yaman - Deliberately seem to miss the middle.
Raag Kirwani - The desire to reach double as quickly as possible.
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