Friday, August 29, 2014

Vibrant Flames

Fire is supposed to be the purest. It keeps moving and swaying causing beautiful designs.
This section of my blog "Bollywood Music", is about the comments I make on my Notepad app. About the songs I hear. Many will find these comments amateurish. Some may find the comments useful.
Consider the background music with songs. Undoubtedly, Laxmikant Pyarelal were one of the best. I have a tendency to create rat rankings. So I say Laxmikant-Pyarelal is number 1. Ravindra Jain is number 2. Kalyanji Anandji is number 3.


  1. Laxmikant-Pyarelal No. 1 because taal is good.

  2. Carnatic raga Vasantha is mainly Rama songs. Some songs were in C chord base. So, Rama songs and predominant C would be Carnatic raga Vasantha.
    Carnatic raga Shanmukhapriya is mainly Skandha songs. Karthikeya songs.

  3. Audio Cassettes which were part of my growing up:-
    1) Yesudas
    2) Boney M
    3) Ghulam Ali
    4) Pankaj Udhas
    5) Sholay dialogues
    and others . . .

  4. We bought cassette player very late. Must be 1984. Before that it was Chitrahaar and radio.
    Yesudas songs were Hindi songs. Rajshri, Rajkamal, Ravindra Jain stuff.

  5. I developed the habit of buying cassettes in Coimbatore. I had a walkman.
    I do not remember how we purchased cassettes before my Coimbatore days. Now of course songs can be downloaded, and new songs can be purchased as a pirated CD and used with PC.
    I think it was memory which played a vital role in earlier days for a song to be popular. Also bandwallahs during marriages. I remember Karz songs being popular with bandwallahs.

  6. Shazam App is a nice way to know the name of a song you hear in radio. Then you may buy pirated CD.

  7. My favorite Carnatic musician is Sri Maharajapuram Santhanam.
    My father liked him. My brother also probably likes him.
    The reason, as to why I like him is this.
    He does not get emotional while singing. He is not stuck in a Hindustani thaat so to say. His singing is as musical as you can think of. Without any stress on a particular stanza or a word, he keeps singing along the musical ups and downs.
    I recommend his songs to foreign followers of my blogs. You may get the printouts of lyrics with meaning and keep it by your side.
    Maharajapuram Santhanam is now no more. He died in 1992. Thiru Karunanidhi and Thiru Stalin have named a street after him in Chennai.

  8. The term Hindustani thaat should not be termed denigrating.
    What I meant was this. Usually singers/musicians have a "flavour" or "style". Maharajapuram Santhanam does not have it much. He is mostly musical, is my feeling.
    There is no equivalent word for thaat in carnatic. Hence I borrowed the term from Hindustani.

  9. Whether call it a boon or a bane, I "naturally" mix up Hindustani, Carnatic and filmy musical concepts. It is a privilege to be Indian to do so.

  10. My first composition was similar to the song "Doston ko salam dushmanon ko salam" from Rocky. RDB was the music director.

  11. If invited by music director I am clear that I will only build rhythm. Bablu Chakraborty for RDB type.

  12. Ravindra Jain passed away due to kidney ailments on 9th October 2015 at Lilawati hospital 🏥 in Mumbai. He was easily the one of the best in music industry. He had a big fan following.