Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hindustani raags and the hands on dafli

I have already talked about tempo and its application in identifying hindustani raags.
I wrote about Pahadi, Bhairavi and also Kirwani. These are important raags of filmy composers.
I wrote about my interest in learning Raag Maand. But it remained a mirage in the desert. A thirst that never was. A thirst quenched by the beauty of the mirage.
Raag Bhairavi is jumping and crossing a puddle of water by stepping on a rock in the middle and coming back again to the starting point. It is Maa Parvati.
Raag Pahadi is the mountains formed by tempo. Up and down, up and down.
Raag Kirwani is a composer's raag. The desire to reach double as early as possible.


  1. nice info very useful for everyone

  2. You may not have enough knowledge. Even I do not have.
    But people have enough understanding and say that one line is not complete description of a raag.
    Thanks, sm.

  3. I feel defeated when I am unable to identify music director for a particular song. I thought "Pyar mein kabhi kabhi aisa ho jaata hai" was composed by R D Burman. But it was Bappi Lahiri. The Bengali touch created the confusion.

  4. I was trying for logic of raga pilu.
    To me, if vadi and samvadi are both at lower frequencies and are usually same, then the raga is pilu.

  5. Consider songs "Chura liya hai tumne","Surumayi akhiyon mein".
    In these songs and a few others claimed to be in Pilu have the characteristics of vadi and samvadi at lower frequencies.

  6. I wrote about raga ya man earlier in some other post.
    If a song deliberately seem to miss madhyam frequencies then raga yaman.

  7. Pythagoras law can be interpreted from the hands on dafli.
    They are:
    0.88,√2 and √3. And 1,√3 and 2. These two instance confirm the truth of Pythagoras law.

  8. Another point is √2 and 2. The start and the end.
    Seems like I and I squared.The ninety degrees and one eighty degrees.

  9. Is a dot square or a circle? Because dot is what matters. And line is a collection of dots. This is my final doubt. Mathematicians will say a dot needs to be studied with a right triangle. dy/dx triangle. Their response is correct to my knowledge because both square and circle obey right angles.
    But as a human with his emotions, should a dot be a square or a circle.
    This is my final doubt in "hands on dafli" post.

  10. The hands on dafli is the way carnatic taalam representation.

  11. I have seen youtube videos on filmy songs raags. The artists are amazingly beautiful and good and they explain the significance of a raag and explain why a song is such and such raag.

  12. I am very wrong that way.
    I attempt and use tempo concept (western) to identify raags.