Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Myself, Dafli and the Indian Rail

India is very vast. One will realise when one goes in a rail from one corner to another.
During my school days I was a big fan of R D Burman. He was the best. Lamikant-Pyarelal, Kalyanji-Anandji gave occassional hits.
The journey/life in Coimbatore for engineering was an experience cherished by me. There was freedom to learn. And freedom to like what one wants. When one travels in a train for such a long journey, one is compelled to adjust to the food. Because of hunger. But memories? Love for music?
This posting is about my views on public. The common man. The person in the road with his ears plugged to radio.


  1. To my thinking a person is mainly influenced by songs in one's family the most.
    My mother is a religious person and would almost daily sing a song while working. Most of the songs are bhakti songs. She would also sing during navratri in other people's homes.
    My father was a Kolkatta educated man and was contemporary in his music. He liked Talat Mehmood the most.

  2. My nephew, Abhishekh Mahadevan is an extremely gifted singer. Hope your singing lessons are going fine there in Toronto.

  3. My views.
    Ilayaraja is the best composer. Some of his experiments:-
    1. "Mannil Indha Kadhal", breathless song by SP Balasubramanian. Composed by Ilayaraja.
    2. "Ragam Rasamaya", three note song by Shreya Ghoshal. Composed by Ilayaraja.
    3. "Kalaivaaniye", a classical song without Avaroha by Yesudas. Composed by Ilayaraja.
    4. "Manadhil Urudhi Vendum", the only song tuned to lyrics prewritten. Bharathiyar song. Composed by Ilayaraja.
    5. "Povoma" and "En Anbe", two songs, different lyrics, same tune, same tempo. One happy One sad. Because background scores are different. Composed by Ilayaraja.

  4. I had a chance to play raag yaman in stage in a village in Delhi. My brother's tabla guru Shri Gorikanth Jha arranged for this.
    We went to the village. The villagers served us tea and gave puri aloo. There I met a guy who said he was a film producer. He was unshaven and looked lost. I talked with him and he said how Bollywood respects Lataji. There I was with Hawaii guitar with a stage performance ahead.
    I played. No, I did not do well.

  5. Oh, playing on stage is a unique experience, irrespective of whether we do it well or not. Good to know that you had such an experience :)

    One good thing about our country is, anyone (irrespective of their social status) can access good music without having to spend a fortune on it :)

    Destination Infinity

  6. Beautiful. Just like the philosophy of echo company.

  7. To many music is like fashion. They tend to follow the trend. I like taking risks. So I may be considered a fashion show sponsor. Or a serious fashion follower.

  8. How creative can I compose?
    My honest opinion is Anu Malik level.